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May 04, 2015 One of the biggest differences between leather and VTex leatherette seats are the price, with leatherette being available for less of the cost. By providing the option for VTex leatherette, Volkswagen offers the same type of luxury comfort at a highly affordable price.We own a Passat with the VTek (thats VWs name for leatherette) seats. They are just fine (live in Colorado). You might consider getting window tinting (good idea for all the sun states). Im not sure what engine seal problem galaxybeing is referring to though. Not much discussion of this in the JettaGolfRabbit newsgroups. v-tex leatherette seating

BMWs leatherette is one of the best out there; Disadvantages. it doesnt feel as good as leather; in the heat of summer, it feels somewhat rubbery and sticky; no resale value

May 03, 2016  For those who dont know, leatherette is a synthetic leather made of vinyl, and if youre looking at getting a Volkswagen, youll see it referred to as VTex leatherette. [Read more: Lease wear and tear could be a determining factor when choosing leather or leatherette. Mar 03, 2017  If youre looking at a Volkswagen model with a VTex leatherette seating option, its likely that youve considered the difference between leather and VTex seating styles. VTex is a type of synthetic leather that gives it the best qualities of leather seating, without the price tag. If you like cloth seats, not to worry.v-tex leatherette seating Sep 10, 2015  Leatherette wont wear as fast and it is much easier to maintain and keep clean as well. In comparison to cloth seating, leatherette also looks nicer and is easier to keep clean. You can find VTex leatherette standard in many trims of a variety of Volkswagen models like the 2016 Jetta and 2016 Tiguan. If you would like to learn more about Volkswagens leatherette seating surfaces or you want to see this seating

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Feb 09, 2016  VW cloth vs VTex leatherette vs leather seating It may not be the most important thing when choosing a vehicle, but if youre considering upgrading among different trim levels, upholstery may be something youre concerned about. v-tex leatherette seating Feb 18, 2016  Benefits of VTex leatherette seating: VTex leatherette is something of a modernday vinyl, but its much more high quality and supple. Its made to be more of a synthetic leather, and some people struggle to tell the difference. How can the answer be improved? Aug 10, 2017 VTex Leatherette gives off the look and feel of leather while offering more durability and requiring less care at a fraction of the price of real leather. Leatherette seating is also easier to clean, as spills may not soak into the material as quickly. Jun 22, 2018 What is VTex Leatherette Seating: The leather seating of a Volkswagen is usually made of a special kind of leather compound that was particularly made with Volkswagen drivers in mind. VTex Leatherette exudes the look and feel of leather while offering more durability and requiring less care at ta fraction of the price of real leather.

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